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About Novus Vicis: 
Novus Vicis is a longstanding guild that was formed in the Burning Crusade Expansion. It's core members have been together for over 4 years! We value the name of our guild and hold our members to a high standard of gamesmanship. We are a casual raiding guild that raids first and foremost for fun. This does not mean that we accept people coming to raids unprepared. We take our raiding seriously. However, we do not require that members attend every raid or spend every waking hour playing like some hardcore raiding guilds. If you are looking for a hardcore raiding atmosphere, you are in the wrong place. 

1. Do not troll in trade chat. We value our guild's name and will not tolerate trade chat trolling on any level. 
2. Do not ask for promotions. We have specific officers assigned to monitoring your progress in the guild. Promotions are discussed in officer chat and you will be promoted when it is deemed necessary. 
3. Anyone inactive for more than 2 months will be removed from the guild. If you plan on being inactive for a longer period of time, please notify the current Promotions Officer or Tyrant. 
4. Treat others as you would wish to be treated. This goes for guild members of NV and other players in general. Take the higher road and be the better person when someone tries to verbally abuse you in trade chat. 
5. Applying to another guild while a member of NV will result in immediate removal from the guild. We do monitor application thread of other guilds. 

Guild Ranks: 
Guild Leader 
Assists Tyrant in all facets of guild management. Co-GM's are in charge in the absence of the Tyrant. 
Have specific responsibilities within the guild management. Officers are generally raid leaders and role leaders. Speak to a specific officer with any inquiries you may have about the guild. A more detailed officer role is posted below the rank structure. Officers have the right to add/remove/promote members in the guild. 
Raiders are considered to be the most active, knowlegeable, and finest members of the gulid. They are generally long-standing members and have shown a great raid-awareness and overall knowledge of the game. Raiders sign up for raids, show up on time, and are always prepared for raiding. Raiders also get preference on raid spots due to their demonstrated dedication to the guild. This is the highest rank in the guild a non-management member can receive. 
Reserves are raid ready members that are less active or who have not shown a complete working knowledge of raid encounters or their class. They are the first to come into a raid if all spots are not filled by Raider + ranks. Reserves can be promoted to the Raider rank by demonstrating an effort to better their playstyle and being ready for raids at all times. 
Rank reserved specifically for alt characters. 
Members are generally casual players or players who have recently joined the guild and have made it past the recruitment phase. Members can move up in rank to reserve status by demonstrating a desire to raid and a good working knowledge of their class. 
Recruits are brand new members to the guild. You will be at the recruit rank for a minimum of 2 weeks while the officers assess your playstyle and personality. Recruits have no rights within the guild. They get no bank access, will not be added to the loot list, and will not be allowed any alts in the guild. Recruits can move up to member status by following policies and being friendly/active within the guild. 

Raiding Requirements: 
In order to have a more clearly defined raiding roster, we the officers have come up with some basic requirements for anyone interested in Cataclysm Raiding. Here they are: 

In order to ensure that we get the most out of our raiding time we must ensure that we have strong capable players filling the roles of the group. In order to do this the following priority list will be used when distributing raid spots: 

1. Gear Level: Gear requirements for raids are obviously greater than gear requirements for regular and heroic dungeons. The specific item level of gear for raiding is dependent upon the current tier of raiding the guild is currently at. Please see an officer for this information if needed. 

* All items must be properly enchanted and gemmed. Hit, Expertise, mana regen, avoidance, etc. ratings must be at reasonable levels. 

2. Role/Spec priority: Raid groups are set up to ensure that the each raid receives the best buffs possible. see http://raidcomp.mmo-champion.com/ for more information. There are simply certain classes/roles that we need to have in each raid. What classes that are needed will be determined by the current raid leader. 

3. Current Rank within the guild: 
Officer*>Raider>Member>Recruit> (alts will fill spots that we have nobody to fill) 
In certain circumstances, officers are willing to step out of raids provided the individual replacing them is able to adequately fill the role the officer was occupying. 

4.Sign-up/On-Time: We will be attempting to start invites 15 mins before the scheduled raid time. Groups will be set based on sign-ups on the website. Please sign-up early and be on-time in order to be in the raid group. Signing up first does not guarantee a raid spot, however in a situation where all of the above factors are equal when deciding between two players (for example: 2 melee dps guild members sign up for a raid and both meet the gear requirement and have Raider status in the guild) the individual who signed up earlier or who was on time for the raid will ultimately get the spot. 

* Please make sure to have all consumables on your toon before the first pull. 

5. Performance: Raid Leaders and officers will be assessing how well particular players perform in their current class and spec. In the event you are underperforming, the class leading officer of your particular class will inform you and this may need to be addressed before a raid spot will be granted to you. 


In order to reward active guild members who consistently show up for raids but are not invited to the raid due to limited spots, a Wait-list will be created once the raid is full. An officer will announce the wait-list in Guild Chat and any guild member who meets the requirements to raid may whisper that officer to be placed on the list. If someone in the raid is forced to leave early, a member from the wait-list of the same role will be brought in. 

If you remain online throughout the raid process and are not called into a raid, you will still be considered as an active raider for the evening. This will ensure that guild members who consistently are available to raid are able to have a fair chance at earning gear once they are able to get into a raid. In order to be eligible for this though you must be accessible by the Officer maintaining the wait-list at any time throughout the raid. If you choose to play on an Alt while on the wait-list the Officer needs to know this. Also if you choose to PVP or run instances during the raid you must be willing to drop the group if you are called on by the raid immediately.