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About Novus Vicis

           Novus Vicis is an active, casual, raiding guild on the Ysondre/Magtheridon/Anetheron/Alter of Storms-US (Alliance) combined server that is primarily comprised of working adults. As such, we realize that people have lives outside of the game so we never hold it against members who are unable to make every single raid. Because of this, we put a premium on work ethic during raids since our attempts each week are limited to two or three nights. We expect people to do their research before raid nights and come prepared with flasks and potions. 

           Novus Vicis is currently running two 10-man teams and has progressed into the Heroic raid content of Siege of Orgrimmar. Our primary raid nights are Tuesday and Wednesday evening starting around 9pm server (EST) time. We also have optional clean up raids on Mondays, as well as a Flex raid on Thursday nights at the same time. 

           We are not currently searching for any specific class or spec to fill a permanent raid spot, but we are always interested in having like-minded individuals join the ranks. We prefer to fill empty raid spots from within the guild, so chances to shine and prove your worth are guaranteed with time. In addition, our higher-ranking members are not above sitting out on raids to get new members involved, but those spots must be earned. As a new recruit, patience is an absolute must. If you are patient and contribute, you will earn raid spots and get gear. It is important for new recruits to realize that we raid first and foremost for fun. If you are looking for a hardcore raiding guild, you may wish to pursue opportunities elsewhere.

            For further information on how the guild is organized and run, please click on the "Policies" link above.  If you are 18 years of age or older and interested in becoming a member of Novus Vicis, please fill out an application using the link at the left side of this website (you do NOT need a launch code). Once submitted, you can check the status of your application via the "Forums" link above. Persons within the guild will analyze your responses and offer feedback. Responses to these inquiries are desired. 

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